30 years striving for excellence and happiness

30 years striving for excellence and happiness

mas de 30 años
30 aniversario

30 aniversario profesional

Although I still have in me the enthusiasm of the 15-year-old teenager who decided she wanted to be an interpreter, I’m afraid it’s already been 30 years since I graduated and set up my first company from scratch, in the context of the 1993 crisis in Spain and as a complete and inexperienced newbie. But someone believed in my determination to pursue excellence, work hard and always give my best.

Thanks to those who trust me every day, we now celebrate our 30th PROFESSIONAL ANNIVERSARY.

In these three decades, my team and I have worked on events in more than 20 countries, dodging the ashes of a Finnish volcano, the occasional air traffic controllers’ strikes around Europe or anything that could stand in the way of being there for you; in large auditoriums with royal families or in the broom cupboard a former convent; and we have pulled through a devastating pandemic by redesigning and adapting the profession we love.

In this reel you can watch a summary of the celebration that took place on a warm evening in June at the Espacio Derivado in Seville, in the generous company of clients and collaborators.

Photos: © lolo Vasco

Lastly and most importantly, this video of anniversary greetings, which is our most valued jewel, the driving force behind our endeavours: to ensure that in every collaboration with our clients and suppliers, we all find excellence and happiness.

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