Personal projects

Personal projects

Proyectos personales
Proyectos personales


Cooking has always been one of my great passions. Cooking includes everything that leads to the ultimate happiness one feels when enjoying a nice meal, from the origin of the tomato in the soup, to the special wood used to make the cooking spoon, the cotton in the table linen and its decoration or the mineral water and wine served with it. I abandoned my dream of having my own restaurant as it was incompatible with my first profession and having a family.
Thus, I created Food-I-love in order to unleash my foodie side. I travel a lot, mostly for work and, when I do it for pleasure, I always pack a foodie compass in my suitcase. In Food-I-love I share the reference and pictures of those special places where I have found that ultimate happiness. Oh, the joy of sharing!

Muses who Reuse

‘Muses who Reuse’ is an initiative aimed at fostering SORORITY, RECYCLING AND SOLIDARITY.

I organize a gathering of women who meet twice or three times a year to swap clothes and accessories which we don’t need/want anymore. The items that are not swapped, are donated to a local NGO called Madre Coraje. We spend a long afternoon together helping each other rearrange our wardrobe and sharing vital principles that lie deeper than the clothes on the skin.

Because we normally re-arrange our wardrobe with each change of season

Because there are always clothes we stop wearing for objective or subjective reasons but which are in perfectly good shape.

Because buying new clothes is not always the solution due to financial reasons, because we don’t like shopping or due to philosophical or environmental principles that stop us from buying more stuff when we already have too much.

Because there are many people who need those clothes and accessories and can’t afford them.

At ‘Muses who Reuse’ we want to help each other, to help the others and to contribute to a more sustainable way of living. Please write to me if you are interested in being part of our community.
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