This mode of interpreting responds to the new needs of the corporate or institutional world, in which meetings are held by video call or are in person events with foreign speakers joining by video call.

Our team of interpreters has extensive experience in remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). We can use any of the most popular video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Teams or we can adapt to the client’s platform of choice. This service can be provided in any language combination.

Can you integrate simultaneous interpretation in a video call?

Yes, indeed, and it works! However, it is very important to decide for which type of meeting you can use RSI. It will depend on the languages, the duration, the format and the technical means available.

We will be very happy to advise you on the most suitable type of remote interpreting for your meeting and to help you organise it.

What about remote consecutive interpretation?

When consecutive interpreting is used, the meeting follows the same protocol as if it were taking place in a meeting room. Each participant takes the floor, the interpreter takes notes of the content and then translates it into the other language. Then the next person answers and the same protocol is followed again.

For which meetings can it be applied?

Remote interpreting can be useful in any kind of international meeting where people from different countries are connected to discuss issues that cannot wait for the end of this pandemic, such as an AGM, a presentation of results, a coordination meeting, a product launch, a sales negotiation, etc.


Write to us and we will advise you or prepare a proposal adapted adapted to your needs.

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