Connecting cultures
for more than 25 years

My story

My name is Concha Ortiz. With a BA in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada, I have continued to learn through a wide range of international studies and courses that have taken me to places such as Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, St. Thomas Hospital in London and the University of Cordoba, where I completed my PhD courses. This, however, is by the way…

As a child, I was captivated by the idea of discovering how other people lived, fascinated by the idea of living in and assimilating other cultures, in order to become a link between them.

I love words. They are used to convey knowledge and feelings, revealing the history, personality and culture of different people. Language barriers have existed for ever, and still do, more so in today’s globalised world; if not professionally resolved, in the best of cases they merely transmit the image of someone who doesn’t care and, in the worst, they represent a practically inevitable obstacle to reaching understanding between cultures, scientific progress and economic advancement.

Connecting people in fields such as medicine, technology, business relations, culture or education, among others, requires not only qualifications but a vocation. The outcome gives me such satisfaction that not only do I grow as a professional, but also as an individual.

The experience gained over 25 years working in international events and while travelling the world is my most treasured asset, which I mainstream in each project. The application of everything I have learned leads me to continuously explore new initiatives within the scope of my industry at large. Thus, I really enjoy the organisation of special events or working as master of ceremonies, ambassador of international projects and public relations. Everything I do is based on the relationships between communication, people and cultures, my passion.

I am a member of the Spanish Conference Interpreters’ Association, member of the del Colegio de Doctores y Licenciados de Madrid and a member of the Andalusian Association of Women in Auto-visual Media.

This is me, a woman, mother and professional who loves what she does. After more than 25 years of professional activity, I continue to be fascinated by my work. I enjoy the safety and reassurance of working in a broad comfort zone but when I step out of it, which tends to happen often, I grow with the challenge and continue to broaden my outlook.