This interpreting modality responds to the new needs in the corporate and institutional world, where most meetings are held by video calls or in small scale events with foreign guest speakers who join in via streaming. Remote interpretation is a tool meticulously tested by our team of interpreters.

You can use any of the standard video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Teams or we can adapt to your software of choice. This service can be carried out with any combination of languages.

Can you do Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) in an online meeting?

Yes, indeed and it works! However, the key to success is choosing the right interpreting modality for each meeting. The decision will depend on the languages, the length and structure of the meeting, as well as your technical capabilities.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the best remote interpretation modality for your specific needs and to help you organizing the interpreting support for your event.

What about remote consecutive interpretation?

When you use consecutive interpreting, your meeting will follow the same protocol as if it was taking place in a physical meeting room. Each participant takes the floor, whilst he/she is speaking the interpreter takes notes of the content and then translates it into the other language. Then the next person answers and the same protocol is repeated.

For which type of meeting can I use remote interpreting?

Remote interpreting can be used for any type of international meeting where people from different countries connect to discuss issues that cannot wait for the end of this pandemic, such as an Ordinary General Assembly, a presentation of results, a coordination meeting, a product launch, a press conference, an M&A negotiation, etc.

This is a tested methodology. In fact, at Concha Ortiz we have a long experience of using this interpreting modality for video and conference calls in several international projects that had to meet regularly but needed to minimize travel costs.


Please contact us. We will be very happy to provide you technical support and prepare a specific cost estimate adapted to your needs.